Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some of the classics that Berniece did during year 2010~

Some of the classics that Berniece did during last few months.
Mummy got these written down, so that little girl can come here and see what she did and said when she was little after she grew up, hehe!

January 16th 2011:
Berniece asked Ah Gong to pretend as a pony.
Ah Gong: Aiyah, cannot lah, Ah Gong old already, cannot carry anymore
Berniece: Oh, 'lao' (old) pony yah...

Next round, Ah Gong ask: Who is old pony?
Berniece: Ah Gong lah!

November 20th 2010:
Story 1:
Berniece had a talk with her grandma, grandma mentioned that she didn't have enough money to buy Vitagen and Yakult for her in Tesco.
Berniece said: "It is okay if you don't have money, as long as you have card then it is fine!"


Story 2:
This afternoon after letting Berniece slept in room, Mummy went to do housework, sweeping and mopping ground floor. After done with housework, Mummy went into room to check on Berniece...

Found that she locked herself in bathroom, Mummy asked her to open the door immediately. What Mummy found out in the bathroom:

Mummy's new clothes being soaked in a big pail full of water by Berniece. While in another small pail, she dumped her used disposable diapers and filled up with water as well, and she mentioned: "Mummy, I am washing clothes ah..."

In the end, she got scolded of course!

October 25th 2010:


August 25th 2010:


August 6th 2010:
Berniece's version of ABC song:
(Nope, you seen it right, this is the way of how she sings it, minus some of the alphabets in between :) )

June 24th 2010:
泊妮双手遮盖嘴边,叫:wek wek ! wek wek! wek wek!

May 28th 2010:
阿嬷和妮妮玩耍时,阿公故意把小被单丢向妮妮,她对着阿公拍拍胸口说:“吓到我了,讲sorry!”,阿公连忙say sorry,哈哈!

May 9th 2010:

January 15th 2010:


妮拿起Peter and Jane图书,指着书上图画,说:Peter!

Sunday, February 27, 2011



她整个脸臭得不得了,垂头丧气坐在车上一声不响, 哈哈哈!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some pictures of Berniece from year 2010 to 2011

Pictures taken on July 2010, age 2 1/2 years old

Pictures taken on January 2011, age 2 years 11 months old

Mummy had little time to blog on Berniece's progress during 2010, so want to make an update on how she is doing now.

Berniece just celebrated her 3 year old birthday last week, it was simple but nice, had 2 birthdays done. One was done in grandpa's house and another one with Mummy's best friends, which loves her very much. They even gave her 2 story books as presents, which she loves it so much.

She went to nursery at the beginning of January 2011. During her first day in school, most of the kids cried asking for daddy and mommy, but she just sits there looking at the children, wondering why they cried!

Now she starts to sing, read, dance even more than before. And getting talkative every single day. She will ask a lot of questions, why this, why that...until you will get tired of answering her questions!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Jackson! - June 2009

A funny little clip which captured by Berniece's aunt, which she taught Berniece how to say Michael Jackson and she replied - Jackson!

UPdates about Berniece - July 2009

(picture taken at grandaunt's house, with Berniece's cousin bike, Vroom!)

Berniece Mommy wrote:

It has been few months since Berniece celebrated her first year birthday, and we were busy with our work (earn more money for little girl's future nursery's fees) until didn't have time to update the blog. Papa and Mommy Berniece did took some picture during these few months up to May, but unfortunately didn't manage to snap pictures of her after that due to camera lost in flight when Papa Berniece came back from US. Luckily grandpa Berniece (Mommy Berniece's father) do have camera and managed to snap photos of her after that. If not, will sure miss a lot of precious moments of Berniece's growth.

Berniece managed to run now, and she really run fast! At the age of 14 months, she managed to climb up the iron door to reach and try to open the padlock. She learned how to talk at the age of 12 months old, and currently picking up a lot of vocabularies: Papa, Mummy, Gong-gong公公 (Mummy Berniece's father), Ah Mah 阿嬷(Mummy Berniece's mother), Ye-ye爷爷(Papa Berniece's father), Nai-nai奶奶(Papa Berniece's monther), Uncle, Aunty, Mum-mum (eat), Na-lai拿来 (bring it here), Xi 洗(wash in Chinese), Car, Fan, Chair, fun饭(rice in Chinese), 喝水(drink water in Chinese), Pen, Phone...

She also learned how to say 'No' if she doesn't want something, she will shake her head when she does not want or refuse to obey. Having a hard time to teach and train her to accept and obey :). There was once when she refused to drink milk, what she did was she shaked her head hard and use her hands to close her mouth to prevent us from forcing the milk bottle into her mouth. Don't know where she go this idea from...

She has strong musical feel in her, whereby she will dance along when she heard music, especially the theme song played in the Taiwanese series movies "Love". Whenever she heard the music, she will start to shake her body, move her hands and legs, swaying left and right. Recently she even knew how to tap her feet according to music beats, which amused me, guess she is ready to go for music class soon :)

Now she is very playful, and she is happy when she is riding her own 'Mercedes' - little tricycle around the house, with her teddy bears as her passengers. Recently she found out that she can use the storage boxes with wheels attached as an alternative of the 'transportation', thus another new model of 'Mercedes' was born, created by herself. She will put her bears in the storage box, then sat in the box and ask one of family members at home to push her around. Before pushing, she will come to us and say "Mammy/Gong-gong...(etc), Vroom!", and we will need to understood that she is asking us to push her around with her sitting inside the box!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Walk walk walk walk...

I learned how to walk when I was 11 months old. Now I am able to walk hands free, without support. Sometimes I will hug my favourite bolster and walking from the living room to the dining room and walked back again to living room.

Got this picture taken during my first lunar birthday celebration at my paternal grandparents' house. New clothes done by grandaunt and new shoes as a gift from my mummy's friend. Nice to see, but with the shoes on, I couldn't walk much as this is the first time I am walking with shoes on. :p

Wooohooo, I am one year old now!!

Taken in Penang grandparents' house

Taken in BM grandparents' house

Yesterday I celebrated my first year old birthday at my maternal grandparents house. Before that I celebrated my lunar first year old birthday as well in my paternal grandparents house in Penang. That's made this the second birthday celebration I got for my first year old birthday.

Papa had brought me a small cute blackberry cake that day, small but nice. After uncle Ping came back from work at night, we started the cake cutting by taking pictures first, then followed by singing birthday song, and lastly blowing candles and cutting cake.

I did my lunar first year old birthday at my paternal grandparents house before that. In that morning I prayed my ancestors to bless me with happiness and health. Then I did my birthday celebration at noon. My aunty made a big fresh cream peach cake for me as present. Got myself a nice party with my cousins showing up to celebrate with me. :)

Happy birthday to me!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


(picture taken on 27/12/2008, 10++ months old)

现在的我已经学会大人拿手机听电话哦,每次家人说hello hello时候,我都会把在我手上的东西放在耳边说hi...,家人都被我逗得哈哈大笑。我现在也学会了拍拍手,跟家人玩躲猫猫,在家人说: apom balik时候,我会大声回应:cak! cak! 有时还会把手放在头上,再放下然后说:cak! 上星期还学会对神明拜拜哦,每次看见观音娘娘,或者任何神明,都会主动两手合起来拜拜,呵呵。



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Teng teng teng!!!

(Picture taken on Nov 5, 2008)

I had learned how to stand and walk supported by unmovable objects around me since I was around 7 months old. I am now trying to learn standing up without supported. When my family started to say "Teng teng teng..." I will be happy to stand up and lift my hands high up the air, face looking up too. The longest time that I stood up without support was around 5 to 6 seconds. Will feel happy and statisfied after that, hehe.
Next trick will be trying to walk without help given by my family :), can't wait to learn how to walk!

How old am I now?

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