Saturday, February 14, 2009

Walk walk walk walk...

I learned how to walk when I was 11 months old. Now I am able to walk hands free, without support. Sometimes I will hug my favourite bolster and walking from the living room to the dining room and walked back again to living room.

Got this picture taken during my first lunar birthday celebration at my paternal grandparents' house. New clothes done by grandaunt and new shoes as a gift from my mummy's friend. Nice to see, but with the shoes on, I couldn't walk much as this is the first time I am walking with shoes on. :p

Wooohooo, I am one year old now!!

Taken in Penang grandparents' house

Taken in BM grandparents' house

Yesterday I celebrated my first year old birthday at my maternal grandparents house. Before that I celebrated my lunar first year old birthday as well in my paternal grandparents house in Penang. That's made this the second birthday celebration I got for my first year old birthday.

Papa had brought me a small cute blackberry cake that day, small but nice. After uncle Ping came back from work at night, we started the cake cutting by taking pictures first, then followed by singing birthday song, and lastly blowing candles and cutting cake.

I did my lunar first year old birthday at my paternal grandparents house before that. In that morning I prayed my ancestors to bless me with happiness and health. Then I did my birthday celebration at noon. My aunty made a big fresh cream peach cake for me as present. Got myself a nice party with my cousins showing up to celebrate with me. :)

Happy birthday to me!!

How old am I now?

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