Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Goooing down using my backside... :)

(picture taken on 2nd November 2008)

Tomorrow I will be 9 months old and active as usual, until my grandparents have to say "surrender!" to me. :)

Managed to know some tricks in these few months, but Mummy did not notice until recently when she put me on bed and went to take some water in the kitchen. When she came back, she saw I was pushing my backside backwards to the edge of the bed and down using my legs first. (Don't worry, the mattress was placed on the floor without divan...) Clever eh?

I too managed to try crawl up from my playpen and tried to come out, of course with failure (too high), but this brought much terror to my grandparents. :p

My favourite past time now? Playing with clean clothes which grandma took in from outside after these clothes had a nice sunbath. Enjoying to pull the clothes from one sofa to another sofa, especially grandma's long nightclothes.

Will upload more pictures next time, tata! (I can say 'tata' while waving my hand, no joke!)

How old am I now?

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