Friday, July 10, 2009

Jackson! - June 2009

A funny little clip which captured by Berniece's aunt, which she taught Berniece how to say Michael Jackson and she replied - Jackson!

UPdates about Berniece - July 2009

(picture taken at grandaunt's house, with Berniece's cousin bike, Vroom!)

Berniece Mommy wrote:

It has been few months since Berniece celebrated her first year birthday, and we were busy with our work (earn more money for little girl's future nursery's fees) until didn't have time to update the blog. Papa and Mommy Berniece did took some picture during these few months up to May, but unfortunately didn't manage to snap pictures of her after that due to camera lost in flight when Papa Berniece came back from US. Luckily grandpa Berniece (Mommy Berniece's father) do have camera and managed to snap photos of her after that. If not, will sure miss a lot of precious moments of Berniece's growth.

Berniece managed to run now, and she really run fast! At the age of 14 months, she managed to climb up the iron door to reach and try to open the padlock. She learned how to talk at the age of 12 months old, and currently picking up a lot of vocabularies: Papa, Mummy, Gong-gong公公 (Mummy Berniece's father), Ah Mah 阿嬷(Mummy Berniece's mother), Ye-ye爷爷(Papa Berniece's father), Nai-nai奶奶(Papa Berniece's monther), Uncle, Aunty, Mum-mum (eat), Na-lai拿来 (bring it here), Xi 洗(wash in Chinese), Car, Fan, Chair, fun饭(rice in Chinese), 喝水(drink water in Chinese), Pen, Phone...

She also learned how to say 'No' if she doesn't want something, she will shake her head when she does not want or refuse to obey. Having a hard time to teach and train her to accept and obey :). There was once when she refused to drink milk, what she did was she shaked her head hard and use her hands to close her mouth to prevent us from forcing the milk bottle into her mouth. Don't know where she go this idea from...

She has strong musical feel in her, whereby she will dance along when she heard music, especially the theme song played in the Taiwanese series movies "Love". Whenever she heard the music, she will start to shake her body, move her hands and legs, swaying left and right. Recently she even knew how to tap her feet according to music beats, which amused me, guess she is ready to go for music class soon :)

Now she is very playful, and she is happy when she is riding her own 'Mercedes' - little tricycle around the house, with her teddy bears as her passengers. Recently she found out that she can use the storage boxes with wheels attached as an alternative of the 'transportation', thus another new model of 'Mercedes' was born, created by herself. She will put her bears in the storage box, then sat in the box and ask one of family members at home to push her around. Before pushing, she will come to us and say "Mammy/Gong-gong...(etc), Vroom!", and we will need to understood that she is asking us to push her around with her sitting inside the box!

How old am I now?

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