Thursday, July 31, 2008

Had a bump on my head~

(picture taken 11th July 2008)

-24th July 2008-

I have learned how to crawl since few days ago, and feel excited of learning my new skill, kept on crawling (although is more like pushing myself forward) here and there for the past few days.

Since I was so into crawling, Uncle Ping took me to Mommy's bed and let me crawled and played. He was looking else where when suddenly he heard a bump sound, and he turned. He was shocked when he found me lying on the floor, crying...and with a red bump in front of my head.

Poor Uncle Ping was being scolded by Grandpa because of this, sorry Uncle...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Uak uak, uak uak!!

(picture taken on 1st July 2008)

Berniece's mummy wrote:

~19th July 2008~
Hubby and I took Berniece back to Penang to visit her paternal grandparents that night. As usual she felt excited when she was in car, looking and felt curious on everything happened outside. We arrived at Penang house around 9.30 p.m., and she looked anxious (might be due to not familiar with the place). Once her Ye Ye (grandpa) carried her in his arms, she looked strangely at him, then her face started to frown...

Later, I went into the bedroom to express mother's milk while she was sitting at the stroller in the living room with Ye Ye. Dislike being tied up in stroller, she tried to get up and moved out from the stroller. Ye Ye saw that and he looked at her and said: "Hey...what are you doing?", the sudden voice from Ye Ye made her jumped, and her "loudspeaker" began to "sing" loudly...poor Ye Ye was surprised by the reaction she made, and faster held her up to comfort her. Guess she was not a brave person where even a tiny little voice will scare her off!

The best were yet to come, her feeding time was at around 10.45p.m., so we fed her and prepare her to bed, but when hubby got hold of her and started to do the burping, she started to made "Uak uak, uak uak" noise, and then followed by a big vomit. Both hubby and her got the milk stains all over the body, and both father and daughter have to go for a bath. Just as we completed her bath, changed her bedtime dress and got ready for bed, she gave another surprise for us: she pooed in her diapers...and we had to bathed her for the second time (in that day, she has bathed around 4 times). She seemed to enjoy the moment we carried her to the bathroom, back again to bed and then back to bathroom again, she can't stop smilling when we carried her on and off, up and down. By the time all these was done, it was already around 12a.m. in the midnight.

Additional washing needed to be done, had to spend more time cleaning and bathing, and we all had additional fun to deal with!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Going out with grandparents

26th June 2008 - going out with my maternal grandparents to Queensbay mall, so nice! Finally got chance to go further than outside my uncle Ping's house. Have chance to meet a lot of people and saw lots of shops head keep on turning here and there, too busy to look at all the things around me. :)
Grandma said that I am getting "hong soo" - keep going outside in Hokkien dialect, hmmm...guess I really truly am!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Berniece talking

Video taken on May 16th 2008 - 3 months 3 days old

Mummy browsing the files which kept my photos and videos and saw this video clip, and she thought is cute!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Manage to grab up my feet and try to eat it!!

Today manage to grab my feet and try to put in my mouth, almost reach to my mouth. Will try to put in again, haha!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Meet my new Friend!

(picture taken on 7th June 2008)

Previously I have told about my red dog Patrick. Now I got another new friend with me. Well I didn't know her name yet, but one thing for sure, she is taller than me! Maybe I should call her Miss Blue because of her blue dress. Hope that she is not "blur"...

Grandpa took some pictures of me with her, and these are some of the nice ones...and I won't forget to include Patrick as well. :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Updates of my growing status...

(picture taken on 6th June 2008, 3 months and 24 days old)

Updates of my growing status:

New born: 3.68kg
1st month: 4.30 kg
2nd month: 4.80 kg
3rd month: 6.30kg
4th month: 7.50kg

**no wonder Papa and Mommy having problem to buy my diapers...I have outgrown the diapers in just few months! :)

New Trick - grab my feet and bring it up!

17th June - I knew this trick few days ago, but Grandpa didn't manage to take the photographs to show mommy. So today I show the trick in front of mommy. Papa didn't have chance to see the trick himself because he was not in that time and he went to outstation the next day. So this is the trick that I want to show him when he comes back.
Look papa, I can grab my feet and bring it up!

How old am I now?

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